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How To Steal An Election
(A Live Action Political Cartoon)

Date: Election night 2004
Video Length: 46 seconds

Do you know what REALLY happened on Election Night 2004? You have no idea. We received this never-before-released promotional video from our good friends at Diebold. It's time to celebrate!

Don't think it could happen? Check out these news stories:

Washington Post: It's easier to rig an electronic voting machine than a Las Vegas slot machine.

Wired News: Diebold Hack Hints at Wider Flaws: Diebold Has No Comment

New e-voting study shows it's really easy to steal an election

You can share this video, rate it, and make comments on it at YouTube.

Diebold employee on couch: Scott Rose
Politically active wife: Mary Wachtel

Writer/Director: Scott Rose
Producer: Robert Jacobs
Videography/Editing: Rockwood Media

And be sure to check out for even more info.

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