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The press is delighted with Computer Geek: One Nerd's Search For His Soulmate, the new one-person show from Scott Rose!

Computer Geek has been featured in:

Time Out Chicago

Chicago Daily Herald

Chicago Broadway World

Stage Door Chicago (Podcast)

Pioneer Press Chicago

Wired News


LA Weekly

L.A. Splash Magazine

Inside Mac Radio

...and more!

The critics are raving about Computer Geek: One Nerd's Search For His Soulmate!

"Scott's one-man show creates a constant laugh track from start to finish. This self-authored piece taps into the awkward moments that we've all experienced as we try to approach that special girl we develop a crush on and the myriad of mistakes that we make as novice Casanovas.... The audience journeys with Scott as they realize that they too have been down these same roads. They laugh, they groan, they squirm in their seats as they relive their own dating disasters and realize that these woes are more universal than they thought... Scott is a master storyteller who never lets the telling of his adventures lose pace. This likeable guy who is every man, craftily moves about the stage, engaging audience members while sharing the ironies of his dating experience... And just like being at a good baseball game you're rooting for the home team to score. "Computer Geek" is a truly genuine feel good way to start your weekend."
-- Chicago Broadway World (click here for full review)

"Recommended. Polished one man show full of heart. Scott Rose is the likeable nerd whose love for Apple computers and his search for his soulmate makes for a charming, heart-warming show. Rose uses cute, home-spoon humor and loads of empathy to relate to the nerd in all of us. We like him and we sympathize with him as he tries to gather an understanding of the mystery in the female persona. The urge to find and relate to a woman, to that special girl who will accept us and be our mate, is Scott's passion after his computer. The one man show is quietly effective and full of so many nice stories... the large audience cheered Rose, suggesting they have seen this show before and have launched him into a semi-cult status. These folks love the geek... he is a gentle soul with a winning smile... a fast paced one hour show filled with humor, card tricks and wisdom... Rose speaks to all the lonely souls as he struggles to find his dream mate... a wholesome date show that will open the doors for further discussion and help warm up your date for further moves."
-- (click here for full review)

"Recommended. Lucky with computers but never with love, writer-performer Scott Rose has been searching for his soul mate since he was 6 years old. And now more than 25 years later, Rose reveals the trials and tribulations of his still elusive quest in this very funny and endearing one-person play... Rose relates his tale with an engaging wit and rosy-cheeked enthusiasm... a hilarious encounter with someone in a chat room does lead to the discovery that love may be most accessible to those who can just be themselves... a winning piece."
-- LA Weekly

"A well crafted story... Extremely well written... The show was funny and had the audience laughing from start to finish. Scott Rose proves to be a multi-talented artist [whose] talent shows through when he has members of the audience nodding their head and looking at each other in remembrance of their similar faux pas. He not only performs in this funny one man show but wrote it himself, based on his true life experiences and encounters which are not only funny but at times philosophical and even cutting. Make sure you tear yourselves away from your computers and go see Computer Geek: One Nerd's Search For His Soulmate."
-- L.A. Splash Magazine

"Slickly directed by Richard Kline... cute and charming."
-- Chicago Tribune

"A lively, well-paced show... genuinely entertaining."
-- Chicago Reader

"COMPUTER GEEK appeals to many different emotions and tells Scott's story in a truthful yet humorous manner. As a director in comedy for 25 years, I am no longer easily impressed because someone can make me laugh. But if someone can make me laugh and bring tears to my eyes by the end of the show -- then I am truly touched. One cannot help but laugh at Scott for his innocent foibles in the beginning of his show and then grow to adore him by the end. His stories will appeal to everyone especially in these days of technology when social interaction slowly becomes a thing of the past and a computer seems to be your only friend."
- Charna Halpern (Director, i.O. and i.O. West)

"Adducting innocence, romanticism, magic tricks, and comedy -- Rose's one-man show is a spectacle of original thought... truly inspiring."

"With an amiable face and likable personality, Scott wins the audience over in his struggles to find a soul mate... filled with humor, honesty and poignancy."
-- The Tolucan Times (Click here for full review)

"An amusing comedy confection just in time for Valentine's Day."
-- (Click here for full review)

"Scott Rose is a funny guy. He's charismatic, charming, good looking and... he has conjured a hilariously long list of attributes that his soul mate should have.
-- (Click here for full review)

Scott's lofty observations of the universal search for a soul mate makes his one-man show irresistible. Laughter is the best medicine, and this show evaporates misconceptions encountered during one's search for their better half. Cute as a button and smart as a tack, Scott keeps the message simple and oh so funny."
- Maggie Rowe (Writer/Producer, "Sit N Spin", "Hollywood Hellhouse")

"Tight, compelling, insightful, specific, charming, honest and original. Scott is willing to poke fun at his innocence, nerdiness, fears and desires... an unmitigated success."
- Paget Brewster (Actress, "Friends", "Huff", "Andy Richter Controls The Universe")

ALSO: Be sure to read the Chicago Daily Herald feature story about "Computer Geek: One Nerd's Search For His Soulmate", as well as the CNN/MONEY story and the WIRED NEWS article!

Hollywood Hellhouse is a hit!

Hollywood Hellhouse is the Los Angeles Times Critics' Pick!

"The Hottest Show In Town" --

Hollywood Hellhouse has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, NPR, E!, Entertainment Weekly, Variety, Los Angeles Times, Dallas Morning News, LA Weekly, LA City Beat, Valley City Beat, The Jewish Journal, The Forward, The Advocate, AOL, Yahoo, Christianity Today, Eye on Christ,, San Diego Press, Beverly Press, Backstage West, and many other papers and magazines across the country!

"FOUR STARS (Highest Rating). Easily the most eye-popping, jaw-dropping, head-spinning theatrical spectacle to hit Hollywood in many a year! Kudos to directors Maggie Rowe, Jill Soloway, and Amit Itelman, who all deserve Tony awards or, at the very least, one of those cheap plastic trophies you can find in most Hollywood souvenir shops. HOLLYWOOD HELL HOUSE is more shocking than "The Exorcist," more frightening than "Night of the Living Dead," more disturbing than "Gigli." It makes Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" look like a Jerry Lewis movie from the early 60's! But unlike most horror shows, this one has a happy ending, complete with fruit punch, doughnut holes, and redemption! The moment I left the theatre, I rushed home, threw my yarmulke in the fireplace, tossed my menorah in the dumpster, ran out to the middle of my front lawn, dropped to my knees, and with arms raised and face looking skyward as tears flowed down my cheeks, screamed at the top of my lungs: "Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!" (After about ten minutes of this, paramedics arrived and administered thorazine. I think one of my neighbors must have complained.) But if you have ever sinned in the past, are presently sinning now, or are contemplating the possibility of perhaps sinning sometime in the future, RUN -- do not walk -- to The Steve Allen Theatre this Saturday. One of the unique aspects about this show is that it is the ONLY Hollywood production ever to be officially approved by God Himself AND the Bush administration! Hallelujah and Amen!!"

-- Todd David Schwartz, CBS Radio

"With a rotating cast of celebrities, including Bill Maher, Penn Gillette and Richard Belzer playing Satan, Hollywood Hell House has become the hottest show in town since it opened in August. Audiences are led through eight rooms brimming with fake blood and gore to show the evils of sin. With scenes of abortion, gang rape, human sacrifice and a high school shooting, the show is not for the faint of heart."

-- (click here to read entire article)

For many more reviews, please visit the official Hollywood Hellhouse website.

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