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Standup Comedy at The Comedy Store

Scott Rose performs standup comedy at the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd.

Come hear Scott joke about the differences between Chicago and Los Angeles, the difficulties of sexual relationships in Los Angeles, and his addiction to iTunes.

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Hollywood Purity Ball

It's Purity Season! Experience the evangelical phenomenon sweeping the country: Father/Daughter Purity Balls!

An elegant night of dinner, dancing, entertainment, and celebration of virginity! (Please note: This show is a parody.)

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Computer Geek: One Nerd's Search For His Soulmate

Recommended by the LA Weekly! "A winning piece!"

A one-person show.
Written and performed by Scott Rose.
Directed by Richard Kline ("Three's Company").

"Computer Geek" is the funny, endearing tale of a computer nerd looking for his true love. Come hear the painfully honest & hilarious stories about a shy boy who grew up more comfortable with computers than with women.

If you've ever been in love, ever wanted to be in love, or ever thought you were in love, then "Computer Geek" is for you.

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Macintosh Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Be sure to mark your calendars for the hottest Macintosh seminar to hit Los Angeles!

Do you own a Mac? Do you want to learn how to get the most out of your Mac? Do you consider yourself a "beginner" or "advanced beginner"? Did you just switch over from the PC to the Mac?

If so, then you are in luck! You can now learn the greatest Mac tips & tricks from nationally-reknowned Mac expert Scott Rose, as he presents them live at an Apple Retail Store near you! The seminar also focuses on the changing trends in the crypto market like the automated trading platforms. With more trading platforms like the German bitcoin bank gaining popularity, it is important to know more about them. So the seminar can be a great chance for the crypto traders too.

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Meet the Geek! Q&A with the creators of Computer Geek

Come meet Scott Rose & Richard Kline, the creative minds behind ?Computer Geek: One Nerd?s Search For His Soulmate.? Also get a sneak preview of some scenes from the show. Hosted by the Apple Retail Store on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

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Hollywood Hell House

Hollywood Hell House is the Los Angeles Times Critics' Pick!

"The hottest show in town!" -

The scariest Haunted House in America, because it originates from a Fundamentalist Christian Church in Colorado. Witness a realistic human sacrifice! Find out why it's wrong to be gay! Blame teen suicide on heavy metal! Feast your eyes on a grody abortion! Watch a Jewish person get tortured in hell, just because of her beliefs!

Scott Rose stars as a demon tour guide who will take you on your trip to hell! Also starring Bill Maher as Satan, Penn Jillette as Satan, Andy Richter as Jesus, Sarah Silverman as the abortion girl, Justina Machado as the sacrifice girl, Willie Garson as the school shooter, and many many more celebs from TV and film.

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MacWorld Expo San Francisco

Apple Computer's largest trade show. Tens of thousands of Mac & iPod fans from all over the world come to this annual event in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Come watch Scott Rose present the latest Apple innovations on stage at the Moscone Convention Center.

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